Abrahamic Patriarchate
– Sacred First Unique Hereditary Familiar Patriarchate

Extremely Important Warning:
So that people never fall into the trap of judging without knowledge I come here to clarify what and who gives us total legitimacy and our World Authority before the nations

1- Abrahamic Patriarchate is Hereditary
It is the Primordial Patriarchate of Humanity and Nations
(prior to the entire current religious system)
2- Patriarch and Abrahamic Patriarchate do not need the recognition of any formal religious system, examples:
Vatican, Rabbinates, or Islamic Authorities
3- The Abrahamic Patriarchate is already justified and recognized by the Holy Scriptures, It comes from the Bilhan family, a name that is quoted in the Holy Scriptures, where his mother, grandfather, great-grandmother, etc … descend directly, and because he is born from a Benjaminite womb ( the mother defines the tribe) where Benjamin’s grandson, Jediael’s son was called Bilhan.
1 Chronicles 7.10
4- The Abrahamic Patriarchate can only be restored by Elias / Elyauh
Matthew 17: 10-13
5- The mission of the Abrahamic Patriarchate is to reconcile the Abrahamic family, between the descendants of the children of Ishmael and Isaac, so we ecumenically accept members of all religious institutions that come from Abrahamic religions.

So do not seek Jewish recognition, because we consider ourselves Abrahamic Israelites (celestial), do not seek recognition from the Vatican or other institutions, because they came after Our Sacred Family and as it is all very full of details, many use bad faith to play people for this reason, we feel the need to explain in detail, who we are and what and who justifies us and where our recognition is written, the Holy Scriptures and on the birth certificate of the Abrahamic Patriarch.

Thank you very much for your precious attention!

The Covenant between The Creator and my direct ancestor Abraham:

The tradition of circumcision has been maintained since the origins of the Jewish people, as another element of the covenant made with God. According to the biblical passage, God would have said: “And here is my covenant, which will be observed between me and you, that is, your race after you: that all your males be circumcised. (…) My covenant will be marked on your flesh as a perpetual covenant ”. With this ritual being perpetuated, the covenant between the Hebrew people and their God was maintained. As a curiosity, before the moment of circumcision, God even ordered the name of Abram and his wife to be changed, because, like Abraham, God would make him the father of a multitude of nations and Sarai became called Sara, whose meaning is princess

Now let’s see if Abraham or the Abrahamic Patriarchate depends on recognition from the Vatican, or from Rabbinate or any Abrahamic Faith Institution to be legitimate.

What was Abram / Abraham’s faith?

Abraham’s Justification (Romans 4: 1-25)

Paul closed chapter 3 with the statement that faith confirms and does not nullify the law. He continues his argument, citing the example of the covenant father, Abraham. All Jews deeply respected their nation’s father. Showing that Abraham was justified by faith, not by works of law, Paul reinforces his defense of the gospel among the Jews.

Abraham justified by faith (1-8)

Was Abraham justified by works of merit, receiving a just wage for his works? No! God accepted his faith in the place of perfect justice. Thus Abraham received God’s favor (grace), and did not receive a salary due for service to the Lord (1-4). When a person trusts God, believing that he justifies the wicked, God accepts faith in the place of justice (5).

David, another highly respected man among the Jews, understood that a blessed man is one who receives the benefit of God’s grace, the forgiveness of his sins (6-8). We remember that Paul quoted several psalms to show the man’s guilt (3: 10-18); now quotes the psalmist to show everyone’s dependence on God’s grace.

Gentiles saved by faith (9-15)

The father of the Jews was justified by faith. How, then, would the Gentiles be justified? By the law? No! They can also be saved by faith.

Circumcision does not save (9-12). Abraham received God’s grace by faith before he was circumcised (see Genesis 12, where he received the promises, and Genesis 17, where he received the ordinance of circumcision 24 years later). Circumcision alone is of no use before God. Obedience is necessary, walking “in the footsteps of the faith that Abraham had … before he was circumcised” (12).

The law does not save (13-15). Neither Abraham nor his descendants received God’s favor through the law. If the inheritance belonged exclusively to those of the law, the promise and faith would be nullified (compare Galatians 3: 16-18). The law arouses wrath (15), bringing knowledge of sin (3:20) and ending everything under sin (Galatians 3:22). We will see more about this from 5:13.

Father of those who believe (16-25)

Abraham is the father of all who are of the faith, and not just of those who received the law (16-20). The same God who raised a nation to a “dead” man (19; see Hebrews 11:12) can raise a holy nation from people already considered dead by the Jews. (The same text that brings the original order of circumcision, also includes the promise to old Abraham that he would be the father of the son of the promise, and that he would be the father of many nations – Genesis 17).

Abraham believed, even in promises that seemed impossible, because he trusted God Almighty (20-21). God accepted Abraham’s faith as justice (22).

The same principle applies to everyone who believes in God’s “impossible” promises, specifically in the resurrection of Jesus, which tribe he undeniably belongs to, the tribe of Benjamin through the Pedigree Bilhan Ha Benjamin, that is, House of Benjamin, the most beloved son of Jacob


Benjamin was, according to the Bible, the youngest son of Jacob or Israel with his wife Rachel, who dies in childbirth.

Benjamin was Joseph’s only maternal brother, who would later become the governor of Egypt. It was from the descendants of Benjamin that the first king of Israel, Saul, appeared.

According to the biblical narrative, the name Benjamin was given by his father Jacob, because before he died in childbirth, his mother Raquel, had given his son the name Benoni, which means “son of my affliction”. However, Jacob called him Benjamin which means “prosperous son”.

Benjamin, Son of Jacob
See also Israel; Jacob, Son of Isaac

In the Old Testament, the second son of Jacob and Rachel
(Gen. 35: 16–20).

Jacob blessed Benjamin (Gen. 49:27). Benjamin’s descendants were a warrior race. Two important Benjaminites were Saul, Israel’s first king (1 Sam. 9: 1–2), and Paul, the New Testament apostle (Rom. 11: 1).

So who has this lineage proven and recognized by the simple fact of mother (who defines the child’s tribe)

And the son of Jediael: Bilhan

1 Chronicles 7:10

My Mother was borned:
Bilhan, her mother and grand mother etc…was Bilhan…..
I believe that I dont need to explain the obvious ….

Thank you by your attention

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