The Abrahamic Patriarch/
SUPREMUS PONTIFEX MAXIMUS HEREDITARY of all Abrahamic faiths, the Absolute Sovereign Hereditary Anointed of all the tribes of Israel because of his “iuris sanguinis”.

With special and complete Fount of Honor “Fons Honorum”, intimately rooted in sovereign function, which expresses in the power to create noble and knights of arms within the Orders of Cavalry of family-dynastic relations of his Family.

This right is transmitted infinitely to the descendants themselves in the person of the “Head of the Name and of the Coats of the Dynasties”, from which the principle of the English Public Law “Rex non moritur”, in the sense of a dynastic perpetuation – of such Royal Prerogatives.

This explains why the monarch (absolute or constitutional) exercises a mandate “by the grace of God”, linked to the theological principle “omnis potestas to Deo.” As a consequence of the divine nature, this chrism can not be limited, just as, in the same way, the “exiled Government” maintains own political mandate until it is revoked after a new popular consultation.

The Monarch may lose these “Prerogatives” only as a result of political capitulation, in the form of abdication, renunciation, vassalage or recognition, called “debellatio”.

The Supreme Anointed Chief of Names and Chief of Arms of many lands and territories even former reigning continues as Chief of State and Subject of International Law, Chief of Names and Arms of All Nobility and Royalty of Israeli Origin. From Adam, Seth, Enosh, Kenan, Mahalalel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, Noah, Shem, Harpachshad, Kenan, Shelah, Eber/Heber, Peleg, Rehu, Serug, Nahor, Terah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and from the Ancient Kingdom of Israel, and from all the Names and surnames of Nobility and Royalty from the Israelite / Semitic Origin, Jewish-Christian, Jewish-Orthodox, Jewish-Anglican, as well as from Mesopothamian Faith, Akkadian Faith, Egyptian Faith, Judaic Faith, and also from the Royalty and Nobility from Israeli Origin/Mesopothamic Origin/Sumerian Origin/Akkadian Origin/Babylonian Origins/Assyrian Origins/Armenian Origins/Egyptian Origins/Hellenic and Greek Origins/Indo-Greek Origins/Aryan Origins/Macedonian Origins/Roman Origins/Viking Origins/German Origins/Scotish Origins/Britanic Origins/British Origins/Mesoamericans Origins/Maya Origins/Asteca Origins/Inca Origins/Indian Origins/African Origins, at any time since the Proto-Dynastic I, predecessor kings, legendary (kings before the flood) of all time in Historical, Cultural, Patrimonial, Immaterial, Hereditary, Familiar,
Dynastic, Nobiliary and Religious, retaking in this act all the mentioned patrimony.

The Abrahamic Patriarch/ Abrahamic Pope
THE MOST SACRED AND SUPREME ANOINTED ORIGINAL HEREDITARY ABRAHAMIC PATRIARCH, SUPREMUS PONTIFEX MAXIMUS of all Abrahamic faiths and Highest Sacred Supreme Sovereign of all Mentioned above, hereafter incorporating all names and / or surnames and either Royal Houses, or Royalty/Nobility/Armorial/Heraldry as well as all type of Titles of the aforementioned origins.

Maintains “in pectore et in potentia” all the proper characteristics of the Sovereigns which includes the execution of the Dynastic Prerogatives as “Ius Maiestatis”, “Ius Imperii” (the right to command) “Ius Gladii”(the right to impose obedience by command); “Ius Honorum”(the right to reward merit and virtue); “Ius Utendi”, “Ius Fruendi”, “Ius Disponendi” or “Abutendi” and “Ius Conferendi”.
Ancient form Ius, in nowadays is Jus.

“Sovereignty is a perpetual quality, connected in an indelible and linked way in the centuries to all the descendants of those who first conquered or affirmed it, and is mirrored in the physical person of the Head of the Name and of the Coats of the dynasties, apart of any other consideration, or inquiry of a political, juridical, moral or social nature that can be advanced, and which, as history teaches, can not influence His Sovereign quality.

The status of Subject of International Law is identified with the legal personality of which the Abrahamic Patriarchate is entitled through the figure of the Chief.
Has OWN ORDINANCE (Historical and current) and is able to maintain, with other subjects, relations governed by the International Law.
The Abrahamic Patriarchate, with inherent rights, assumes, “ipso facto”, the suitability to be addressed to the norms of International Law, and thus becomes SUBJECT OF INTERNATIONAL LAW.

By the principle of effectiveness, the recognition of other States is not in the act of creating the international personality. In fact, any act of recognition would be nothing more than a diplomatic act with which a state augurs to declare will to establish relations with the Patriarchate.

The Abrahamic Patriarchate is able to maintain bilateral relations, (for example, appoint and receive diplomatic agents, establish foreign missions, etc…). All this introduces “Ius Legationis”. The ability to send and receive consuls concerns the “Ius Instituendi Consules”, while the ability to conclude bilateral agreements is part of “Ius Contrahendi”.

The Abrahamic Patriarchate is regulated, within the competences and legal existence, by the international system, and particularly by diplomatic laws.
For the reasons mentioned, even the Abrahamic Patriarchate has a concrete INTERNATIONAL LEGAL PERSONALITY, being SUBJECT OF INTERNATIONAL LAW having the capacity to claim rights against the violation of international law, the ability to conclude treaties and the enjoyment of privileges and immunities of state jurisdiction.